Our Story - Daniel's Dill Dip!

Daniels Dill Dip corporation aims to be the premier dip provider.

  • Long product shelf life
  • Unique flavour profile
  • Meets multiple dietary confines
  • Strong brand awareness and following in our local community

Originally from Congo, Africa. Daniel moved to Canada when he was 13 in 2002, he was far from vegan. The journey began when he met Amy in 2014, she was a vegetarian. Daniel moved to Medicine Hat from Calgary and the couple started their own Personal Training business's. A year later they choose to go Vegan together. Options and substitutions they enjoyed, whether it be in grocery stores or restaurants, was difficult to find. Especially a dip. Amy loves dips so they were inspired to make their own!

They created the dill dip after their second daughter was born and ate it for years, sharing with friends who encouraged them to start selling it.
In September of 2020 they began making small batches for family and friends, and noticed the demand grew quickly. They moved into a bigger factory space, and began selling it to their city, Medicine Hat. With a huge outpour of support they have been able to spread quickly around town and continue to grow throughout Alberta and beyond.

Daniels Dill Dip ™️ Cooperation is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and focuses on proper waste management and recycling. Devoted to giving back to the community, caring about people, animals and the environment! DDD™️ is for everyone, not just vegans. Herbivores, omnivores and carnivores alike. Those with allergies, dairy sensitivity, gluten intolerances or just those looking to add more plant based foods into their diet. Daniel, Amy, Alana, Aliya and The Team, thank everyone so much and are incredibly grateful for the support!

Daniel's Dill Dip
Locally made in Medicine Hat, Alberta
#2, 1302 Dirkson Dr. NE. Redcliff AB. T0J 2P0
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